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About Our Team

We are a mother-daughter duo, driven by our passion for food and new flavours. We believe that a meal is enjoyed best when it's shared with family and friends.


This is a practice we hold dear to our hearts, as we always love to entertain and host beautiful events centered around eating together.

This started for us from a very early age. Every Friday in our home growing up, we would all sit together around a table full of fresh bread, meat, cheese, and olives. Eating family-style, no cutlery, no dishes. Just a table covered in delicious fresh foods and surrounded by people we love. This was something we looked forward to every week, and continue to do now.

At graze by grace not only do we strive to use local products found here in Winnipeg; supporting small businesses. But we love using Canadian based products as well. Our packaging is carefully selected to be eco-friendly - Made from biodegradable, recycled material to help reduce the waste of natural resources.


We are licensed, food handler certified and operating out of a government inspected commercial kitchen. It is the law in Manitoba to do so when handling food for public consumption. This allows us to follow the guidelines set out by the public health act for food handling establishments and also provide you value-added, safe products to enjoy. It is our priority to serve you safe food.

Let us help you experience the elegance of our charcuterie board all boxed up




-Lisa B

"We enjoyed our graze box very much and were so impressed by the presentation, variety and freshness of the food. Amazing service! We will definitely be ordering again!"


-Crystal H

"I purchased my charcuterie box for my father in law as a nice treat. He loved it SO MUCH! He asked me to pass on how tasty it was and how everything was beautiful and perfectly presented, thank you!"


-Veronica R

"This box is Amazing! every item is thoughtfully placed in a way that every flavour compliments each other. I am so ready to order another!"


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